Podcast E140: Option on giving notice at work

Life Updates

  • Kyle: Joining a couple masterminds. Never done one of these before but I think they’re neat.
  • Adam: Selling a domain. 7 years if KSWP!  Launched a service/new site –> AdamSilver.com


  • WP Engine has hired WPGraphQL creator and maintainer Jason Bahl as a Principal Software Engineer.


  • Adam:   WCPHX – hoodie..  /  Water  /  Ultralearning   
  • Kyle:   Apply Filters t-shirt, Nexcess Hosting hat / Water / The Last Wish (book 1 of The Witcher series)


  1. I’m a lead developer at the moment and heard that I am about to be promoted to “team lead”.  Oddly enough I am very close to accepting another job and leaving the current company.  What say you in regards on how to approach this with my manager?  -Dave
  2. I just left a large company to go solo/freelance. Turns out there is a lot of busy work that I’m not a fan of… first and foremost getting proposals/estimates to new clients.  That said, are are some best practices in delivering proposals/estimates?  -Maureen

Segment:  BombDotCom

  • wpgraveyard.com
  • shquart.com
  • epicstrollers.com
  • mealsonmeals.com
  • elevenfeetapart.com
  • Hereiswhatyoumissed.com 
  • hopefullyonedaysoon.com
  • canyoustartyesterday.com

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