Podcast E141: Options on not getting angry during code review

Life Updates

  • Kyle:  adding role at Sandhills at Product Mgr for EDD
  • Adam:  Dad turned 90. applied for FAFSA for Parker. Yikes!


  • Aaron Campbell moved over to NewFold Digital
  • Christie Chirinos leaving WPMRR podcast. 
  • Josh Pollock and Joel Worsham join 10up
  • David Beja and Nina Pacifico join Sandhills Development


  • Adam:  Pagely hoodie /  coffee / Ultralearning
  • Kyle:  A2 Hosting t-shirt, WC Ann Arbor hoodie, WC Ann Arbor hat / Kahfie / The Last Wish


  1. I currently work as a developer at an agency and am looking to switch into more of an operations or PM role. What are some options to make that interest known to upper management? -Doug
  2. I been promoted to a lead dev and with that promotion, I’ve been tasked with doing code review. Truth be told I hate code review. Matter of fact, I get angry when i look at other peoples code. How to I stop getting so mad at that!? 

Website mentioned: https://www.restartcbd.com/

Segment: Deletable History

  • Reviewing some old proposals. 

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