Podcast E142: Options on dealing with workplace drama


  • Adam: parents celebrating 55 years.  Had a client offer to give me a raise.. And overall ..raised CWP prices too. 🙂  
  • Kyle: I celebrate 4 years with Sandhills Development.


  • Sectigo acquisition of SiteLock


  • Adam:   GOP Shirt, coffee, The Psychology of money Morgan Housel
  • Kyle:  WP Engine t-shirt, Sandhills Development hat, Pomegranate Kiefer, The Last Wish


  1. A coworker reached out to me in confidence to say that another coworker, is leaving in a few months,.  That second co-worker then told me that the first one is also looking to leave and has been interviewing.  A funny as this may seem, what do I do in regards to telling HR and or management as I’m afraid that their workloads may be dumped on me.  
  2. I work at a non profit as a developer and really like my job. I also like a bunch of my co-workers. That being said,.. there is too much drama (IMO) in our company and it drives me bonkers.  I even created a non-company slack workspace so that I can communicate with some other co-workers that are on the same page with me.  What are some options to squash the rumor/drama mongers at a company?

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  • The Last Blockbuster on Netflix
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  • Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+
  • The Big Sick on Netflix
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  • The Last Blockbuster 
  • Falcon and the Winter Soldier
  • Darknet Diaries 87: Guild of the Grumpy Old Hackers podcast
  • Wandavision — next up. 
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