Podcast E143: Options on encouraging collaboration

Life Updates

  • Adam: College kid coming back next week for summer. Other kid deciding on where to go to college next year. Which means I need a side hustle! HA! Oh.. and lots of running lately.  
  • Kyle: Coaching T-Ball. Bought a bike.


  • Hallway Chats — new hosts.  Tara Clayes & Liam Dempsey have handed it off to Cate and Topher DeRosia.  



  • Adam:  BeaverBuilder hat // coffee //  just finished Pancakes in Paradise & Hatching Twitter – started reading Principles by Ray Dalio
  • Kyle:  WP Engine t-shirt, Sandhills Development hat / Pomegranate Kiefer / The Last Wish


  1. Hey guys  —  So .. turns out that 1/2 of the team I work with lied to get their jobs.  Some are “Developers” others are in “Marketing”.   I’d say that both are a problem as the devs keep taking forever to “learn” (i.e. Google) the answer/fix and the Marketing team is just copying other websites for ideas and strategy. Upper management has no idea. Options?  -Colby R.
  2. Any ideas or options on how to get other developers to collaborate in a productive manner?  What I mean by this is that many of the other developers I work with are very non social/socially awkward. Additionally some of them don’t like each other very much.  It’s tense to say the least. Or lead developer isn’t aware of this as she isn’t a part of the daily operations.  -Brian

Segment: Bomb Dot Com!

  • Adam’s:
    • laptopandabackpack.com – travel blogging
    • findabetterwaytooffend.com – snarky humor
    • Noneedforyou.com – family blog
    • Fixedandvacinated.com – Vet/Human vaccine dosages
  • Kyle’s:
    • aarondontgo.com
    • finishthebookgeorge.com
    • nicholasfury.com
    • plungerz.com
    • gludge.com

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