Podcast E144: Options on location based salary


  • Adam: So many.. Wedding anniv (23 years) Ellens Bday (AGE REDACTED).  Kid graduated HS. Kid back at college. Kid back in HS… and 5 years at CWP. I win!  oh.. and I might have bought a new domain(388 days) .. finally!  (let 3 go) 
  • Kyle: has a new podcast! I’ve never really talked into a mic for anything public that wasn’t WordPress related….until now!

WordPress News

  • Mailchimp to Intuit for 12B! That’s bananas!
  • Since we’ve been gone there were a lot of acquisitions including Frontity, GiveWP, Yoast, KanbanWP, SearchWP, Advanced Custom Fields, Pocket Casts, Amplify Plugins, Day One, IconicWP, Plugin Rank, Understrap, 


  • Andrea Middleton leaving Automattic – heading to Reddit.
  • Dustin – no longer Woo Happiness – now VIP Dev 



  1. Hey guys…  I run a medium agency with a dozen FT employees. We are based in a mid-market (not too expensive, but not cheap) and with C19 not going away anytime soon, I wonder what your thoughts are on salary based on location. Specifically, I have 2 employees who want to move away to where their cost of living is MUCH less expensive, one being overseas. They are good employees – but Ii’m torn on the salary issue. I’ve read that even the big companies (sales force, facebook, etc) are adjusting salaires if/when employees move. Looking for options.  Thx      -Anonymous 
  2. I am a UX/UI designer and my boss wants me to track my time …for each project down as to see what projects are taking up resources. As a “creative” this feels weird to me. What are my options?   -Sarah H

Segment: Bomb Dot Com!


  1. Monotoneandboring.com 
  2. Squirelleactivitises.com
  3. runtohard.com


  1. cheesesneeze.com
  2. complacentpoodles.com
  3. shorple.com
  4. wpipweallp.com
  5. doubleyoupee.com
  6. theunacquired.com

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