Podcast E145: Options on quitting but not burning bridges


  • Adam: Went to visit my parents. Doing well.  Getting ready to take CWP and KSWP to the next level…  + cooler weather. Finally. 
  • Kyle: I’m rocking the NFL predictions challenge.

WordPress News:

  • SandHills!!  
  • LearnDash to StellarWP




  1. So I recently took a job after going though the ringer.. i.e. a multitude of interviews and the dreaded “project” that many company’s require. In this case I actually wasn’t even paid for it. 
  2. That said.. the salary was negotiated, and an offer was made and I accepted.  Sadly within a few days I just knew that I made a mistake. It’s now been 30 days.. and I’m kicking myself…  Options on leaving by not burning a bridge. -Quinn The company I work for just got acquired… what are the best options? Do I stay? Leave?  Aka  “so your favorite plugin just got acquired. Will you stay with it?”  -Courtney Robertson

Segment: Personal Question

  • Adam to Kyle:  1 year later — 5 kids, what advice would you tell yourself.
  • Kyle to Adam: Movies/Songs/books that make you cry?

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