Podcast E146: Options on explaining gaps in work history



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Hey guys – 

  1. I’ve been offered an amazing job that is totally in my wheelhouse as a developer, with room to grow. The issue is, I found out that some in leadership/upper management are on the opposite side of the fence than me when it comes to social causes. If it were you, would you still take the job?  -Anonymous 
  2. I’m recently single (divorced) and haven’t had a “normal job” in a few years as my partner was the sole bread winner. That said, I’m looking for a job. My question is how would you explain a long gap in work history? –Jane Doe

Segment :  Deletable history 

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  1. John Locke on January 19, 2022 at 8:27 pm

    Courtney’s advice is level-headed. Adam’s as well. Oddly enough, GoDaddy seems to be doing more to promote equal opportunity and accurate community representation than many companies in the WP space. These issues have always been here, multiple events of the past five or six years have brought them to the forefront. I feel best when using resources and energy to bring about tangible change. I try not to judge when others seem to ignore certain important issues seemingly on purpose. Yes, there will always be a certain percentage of people that are stuck in the past in a large enough group. There are ways to move the needle for issues, by codifying legislation into laws, and a more granular level, helping to empower others one by one, and collectively.

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